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Casket Containing The Remains Of St. Vincent De Paul At The Mother House (Paris)
Interior Of Mother House Chapel
"Give Me A Man Of Prayer And He Is Capable Of Doing Anything." - SVP
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Vincentian News (Volume 25, No.3. QC. March 31,2017. Edited By Fr.DelaGoza)

Vincentian News(Volume 25, No.3. QC. March 31,2017. Edited by Fr.DelaGoza) 870. 40th Anniversary of Fr.Randy Agner, CM. (March 5). Forty years of outstanding service in the ministry of the Priesthood...


Happy 400th Anniversary Of Vincentian Charism (1617-2017)!

Vincentian News(Volume 25. No.1. Quezon City. January 31,2017. Edited by Fr.DelaGoza,CM) Happy 400th Anniversary of Vincentian Charism (1617-2017)! 857. 400th Anniversary of the Vincentian Charism (Ja...


Vincentian News (Volume 25, No.2. Quezon City. February 28,2017. Edited By Fr.DelaGoza,CM)

Vincentian News (Volume 25, No.2. Quezon City. February 28,2017. Edited by Fr.DelaGoza,CM) 863. Thirty One Years Ago (1986). Please note that there are many scattered news on Vincentian involvement du...

International News
Perboyre Sparks
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Sunday's Reflection
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Featured Article
On The Eucharist (by: Fr. Randy Agner, CM)

Jesus, Lord, you came to serve than be served, Of the Father you are Word made flesh now shared as bread Blood of sacrifice now we drink as wine You bring hope, you give joy and strength, full endless...  [read more]

St. Vincent Quote for the Day
"Let us hold it as certain that everywhere and in all things we are worthy of disdain and are always contemptible because of our natural opposition to the holiness and other perfections of God, to the life of Jesus Christ and the operations of His grace." (SVP, III, 216)


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Happy Birthday

Jun 05
Fr. Ranilo Jose Mahumot
62nd Birthday
May 30
Fr. Rey Araneta
48th Birthday

Sacerdotal Anniversaries

Jun 01
Bishop Rolando Serafin Jose Santos
43rd Sacerdotal Anniversary
May 27
Fr. Vicente Robles
45th Sacerdotal Anniversary
May 27
Fr. Maximino Rendon
45th Sacerdotal Anniversary
May 28
Fr. Rolando Delagoza
51st Sacerdotal Anniversary
May 28
Bishop Jesus Dosado
51st Sacerdotal Anniversary
May 30
Fr. Francisco Veerasak Supaperm
8th Sacerdotal Anniversary
May 31
Fr. Agustin Advincula
37th Sacerdotal Anniversary


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