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Vol. 25, No. 8. Quezon City. August 31, 2016

905. Thanksgiving of Hermy  Colina.(August 21).  Gorgeous  and  glorious are seldom  used  to describe a “Thanksgiving  Mass”  but they  are  words  that  come close enough to present a reality  which all Christians  should  work for.  The closeness  and nearness  that a Thanksgiving Mass  produce among  the  Priests and relatives and  friends of Fr. Hermy  Colina are  indeed gorgeous and glorious  even if the reality  may  not  be easily accessible. Many  of  you  were unable to  experience and share  the beauty  of Albay and  the hospitality  of  the  people  but  you should reflect and thank  the  Lord that  we do  have an ordained  Vincentian this  year,  the 400th anniversary of the Vincentian Charism.  How much  more gorgeous and glorious  can a Thanksgiving Mass  become!

There were four diocesan priests several Sisters from  Libon Albay, a dozen Vincentian priests from Manila. Some seminarians and  guests defied storms and  torrential rains  and eagerly  travelled  all  the way from Manila  to the beautiful Tiwi ,Albay.  As  part of the homily, Fr.Hermy related his vocation story which really  touched a sympathetic   chord  in the  hearts of  the  people present.  Among the Vincentians who  made it to  faraway  Albay  were:  Frs. Regua, D.Pacheco, Porcincula, Vibar,  Pura, Cirujales, Hequilan, Mahumot, Teresas, Sandaga,  Oabel, Darryl Dino.  The  two  assistants of  the Tiwi parish  and a Religious classmate of  Fr. Hermy  also  graced  the  occasion.

The celebration  of the Thanksgiving Mass  made it a template for the future  especially when there  are only  two or  three ordained  at  the same  time.  The  organization  was superb with housing and  accommodation  at  a Resort nearby  and  the  food  was aplenty.  They  claim that  there were  nine  “litson,” one cow and numerous chicken and  fowl  made the  whole baranggay and neighboring barrios  experience and personally share  the  blessings on the occasion  of the  celebration.

Diocesan Shrine of  Our  Lady  of Salvation.  As  a sidelight, it is  good to recall  that  Bishop  Teotimo Pacis CM hailed from Tiwi, Albay  and  later  became  the Bishop  of Legazpi. It  was during his  time as  Bishop (1975)  that  the title of “Patroness of Albay” was  given to the dark-faced image of Our  Lady of Salvation.  From that time  on,  the  Vincentians  have always  fond memories  of this diocesan shrine   whose  patroness is celebrated  in other  parts of  the country,  notably in  Metro  Manila  and other  places  where  the  Bicolanos  show  their great   love and devotion to  Mary.  The interesting  Vincentian twist is  that a   native Filipino Vincentian  ,  became a Bishop and proclaimed Our Lady  of Salvation as  patroness of  the Province  where  the  most beautiful volcano of the  Philippines is located. Praise be to  the Lord.

906.Retirement Home in August 2017(four weeks in August).  At the end of August, around  10 months after  the start of  construction,  the  Retirement  Home appears  retirement worthy.  The beautifulfalse tile corrugated  galvanized iron cover the whole  building,  most of the floors are covered  with tiles,  the walls  have  first  coating  of paint, so everything point to a Feast of St.Vincent inauguration, hopefully.

Although the galvanized  iron looks like “tegula tiles,” or ordinary  tiles, they  are actually  just like  the  galvanized iron on our other  houses. The difference is  that they were manufactured and formed in such a way  that  they look like tiles especially when seen from afar.

By  August 31,  the  beautiful  outline of  the building became  visible.  The  brown bricks  which  play well with the front of the Santuario and also the  old bricks  of the Provincial House,  were being  attached  to the north side of the  building.  The bricks  will cover  up to  the  second  floor of  the  building and  is  one of  the   important feature  of the building.  It is  beautiful  to behold and  hopefully  enjoyable to stay  in.

Those of you  who  have  great  historical and architectural perspectives, may   try  to analyze and find  some symbolic  or really  important  transmogrification  in  the new retirement home. Some have seen the  bunker like  windows as  the ”Hitler Trap”  and the  castle  style  wall as  crossbow  openings  where one can fire arrows  at the  incoming  or attacking enemy.  The  important thing is that the medieval castle and modern fortification  blend together  to  express  the desire of  all  Vincentians to  have a Retirement Home worthy of the name.

907. Feast of Cultures 2017 (August 9).  As  always,  the  yearly feast of cultures  at St.Vincent School  of  Theology (SVST)  was  overwhelming.  That is a nice word  to  describe  the hodge-podge  of activities  which  involved  the  students,  both clerical and  lay,  at the SVST.  The  overwhelming portion  comes from the tremendous energy  and   effort generously expended by the various regions, including one International Region, in an attempt to entertain, feed and make  the whole day  enjoyable even to foreigners   who came from many  parts of  Asia.  There were Chinese, Thai, Kenyan, Fiji,  Japanese, Indonesians;   some huge and dark, others  white and dainty.

The formal  part of  the programs were the cultural presentations wherein, the various  regions  expressed  their  cultural specially in dances, songs and  drama for  the  people to enjoy.  A  team  of  three judges  provided   with  written and   pre-announced criteria, were around  to  make sure that the winners are indeed  winners  even  if the opposition  may  not be  that strong.

At the end  of  the  day,  the following were adjudged the winners:

National Capital Region…first  Prize in Booth.

Visayas (the  whole of the West, East and Central Visayas formed one region…1) first  Prize in food  preparation;  2)  also,  first prize in Presentation.

There were some issues   from  the other  regions (there were seven in all)  because  the  merging of  the Visayas into  one, gave  them an unfair advantage over  the others.  They  have  many  more  seminarians and Sisters  who expertly  cooked produced delicious  food  and  performed beautiful dances.  Most of  all,  the Visayans had  litchon flown all  the way  from  Cebu.

908. "Door is Open, Please  Come In”.

Copied below is the refrain  from  the English Theme Song  of the 400th Year  of  Vincentian Charism:

“Please  come in, the door is  open
Please  come in, and be  at  home.
All God’s  children are  brothers  and Sisters
You  are family, please  come in.”

The message  of Mt 25  “I was a stranger and you welcome me”is   the  major theme of  the  yearlong celebration  of the birth of the  charism of St.Vincent de  Paul.  One  of  the  important  features  of the English version  of the “”  is  the availability of the song expressing the  need of welcoming strangers.  Other  languages  have  adopted  the song  and published translations in Spanish, French, etc. Hopefully,  a  member of the Filipino Vincent ian Family will translate this beautiful and meaningful song in honor of st.Vincent into  Tagalog , Visayan languages, etc.

(The full text  of  the theme song is accessible at cmglobal,  FamVin, etc.)

909. Random News.

1. Thanksgiving Mass at Tiwi Albay. Fr.  Hermy Colina eagerly celebrate  his Thanksgiving Mass at Tiwi Albay  on August 21. (please see No. 905).

2.  Marchiano Rotoni at FEU  Hospital.   As of August  30,  Marchiano Rotoni, the father  of Fr. Ariel is still   confined  at the  FEU  Hospital  in  Fairview.  Please  continue praying for  his speedy recovery.  Meanwhile,  Brother  Nelson Malan is  at the ICU  in San Juan de  Dios. Thanks  to the attentive care of  Fr. Dennis,  there are some improvements in his health  but  we have to wait and see and  pray.

3. Virgilio  Rendon, brother  of  Jojo Rendon died at age 63.  Some of  you must have  known him not only because he was  present  on various  important moments in the  life of  Fr. Jojo.  Certainly you must have met him the  thanksgiving Mass in Oslob,  Cebu.  Please  pray  for  the  family members  of  our confreres .  Just a  week ago,  the sister of  Fr.Solis,  Helena,  also left us. Please  pray  for her  eternal repose.

4. Fr. Rex Fortes.   Fr. Rex  is spending a month of vacation in the  Philippines.  As you are well informed Fr.Rex is finishing his Doctoral Studies at Louvain University  in Belgium.  During his vacation, he  is  trying to  improve his basketball knees  by  undergoing some  procedures.  It is amazing  how  he could keep up with  the situation in our country despite the distance half way around the  world.

5. Chrispinus Kakai Mutondo. He is  a priest from Kenya who defended  his thesis proposal and passed for the next stage. He was also at SVST last year and was  able to finish  the course requirement for  his MA in Theology.

6. "St. Vincent and the Globalization of Charity". DPH (August  21).  Precisely on  the holiday  celebrating the  death  of Ninoy Aquino,  a global Filipino icon  of heroism, the Seminarians at DePaul House (DPH) were  regaled by  the Vincentian Hour Talk  on St. Vincent and the Globalization of Charity.

7. Fr. Danny Carolino CM.  At  around  11:30 am  of  August 24, St.Bartholomews’ feast,  Fr.Carolino came to the Provincial House. He looked healthy and as handsome as ever, with red cheeks  and dimpled smile.  He showed some beautiful  pictures of   our former  Spanish Vincentians  who worked  here in the  Philippines for  many  years: Fr. Lopez,  Fr.Barquin, Fr. Moro, Fr. Prado,  etc.  On one of the pictures were Fr.Lopez with  Fr. Moro and Fr. Barquin  nearby.   As   you  remember  quite  well, Fr. Lopez  was  the last  Spanish Provincial  of the  Philippine  Province and  has many  fond  memories  of the  Philippines.   He  has  so many  memorabilia  about the  Philippines, reminding him of  his many years  in the country and  so  important formation  work for  the  Philippine  Province.  Many  of  the older confreres recall the  gentle, smiling and  zealous priest who was so exemplary in  his  own  life especially  in  his zeal  to form good  priests  for  the  Philippine  Province. I  can  personally recall the so  many  inspiring talks   and  fraternal admonitions which he has given us  during those  years. I  still  have  a  book by  Fulton Sheen  which he  dedicated to  me while still a seminarian.

Not to forget  Fr.Carolino who  is here for  a month   long vacation  after  a long time  studying Spanish and is now working in  Malaga, Spain.   He is taking care of so many  Filipinos who were some  of the earliest  OFWs  from the  Philippines. Way  back  more  than  50  years ago,  Spain was trying to modernize and tourism  was  one of its main attraction,  precisely  in  the Malaga area of southern  Spain.  Thousands found  the opportunity to work  and , later some Filipino  priests  tried to  help  out in  ministering to them. Fr. Carolino has to go to several parishes  to say Mass  and help  take  care of the  spiritual  needs  of  the Catholics, especially  the Filipinos  who hunger  for  the  Word of  God.

8. From India via  China (August  24).  Fr. Rindo  Karippai, CM.arrived one day  late, due  to the huge storm  that hit  Hongkong (no.10)  and   which  killed 15  persons.  He is a missionary from  India and  will be one of  the  main formators of  the  China Province.  He is known  to several confreres, including  Fr.Roland Tuazon  whom  he met during one of the  meetings of our  Formation  Teams. He is  very  eager  to   pursue  his studies in  Psychology  and  is  trying to  find  a  program  for  PHD in Psychology, preferably  at  the Ateneo de  Manila University.  Although quite young (ordained in 2006), Fr. Rindo is  being  prepared for  the  big task  of  forming  the future of  the  China  Province. At  present  we have  two  Chinese seminarians  at  the  SVS  and hopefully  more  will be coming  in the future. It is so  interesting  to  hear  so  many  historical and ecclesiastical stories   about  India  where Christianity  was  already  preached  by St.Thomas the Apostle.  Fr. Rindo said that the “Vincentian Fathers”  founded in India (Kerala) has around  600  Vincentians—even bigger in  numbers than the two Indian Provinces  combined at present.  With  his arrival,  the SVS  community is also  saying  goodbye  to Chrispinus of  Kenya   who defended  his  thesis  proposal  on  August 24.  He  leaves for Kenya and hopefully, after  one  year  will  be able  to  present  his  thesis  at SVST.

 9. New  Professionals.  Fr. Rowen  Carlos and  Fr. Joel Rescober  have  once again  proven  that   expertise  and  needs  can  be solved  right  here in  our country.  They  both finished  their  M.A. degrees  and  passed  the government civil service  examination.  Fr. Carlos passed  the Social Work Examination  after studying the  courses  at  Philippine   Women University, while Fr. Joel  Rescober, who is  presently   the  Parish Priest  of  San Marcelino Parish, finished his degree  at  Dela Salle  University  in Guidance and  Counseling.  They are  true  professionals  in their  chosen  professions  in the  eyes  of  the  Philippine government.

10.  Student  Assembly at  DPH  (August  29). It  was a wow-worthy  General Assembly  although it  was  postponed   several times.   It  was decided  to  hold  the  meeting   even if  there was a  big  program  coming up---the Mission Sending of  Fr. Darryl  Dino, CM.   The  wow-worthiness came  from the  many comments, suggestions and information  that were made available for  the month. There  were lots  of  information e.g. on the start of the  “feeding program”, the  retreat at  Baguio-Betania and  the  Sem-Net meeting  at DPH.  320  seminarians will  come from various  parts of the  country  to have the  regular seminary network  meeting.  But it was  the  presiding officer that made  the  meeting  even more wow-worthy. He  found space for some  happy  and pointed comments  on various  issues  of  the meeting.

11. Mission Sending of Fr.  Darryl  Dino  CM  (DPH, August  29). It  is now part of  the  community  myth,  that  the Japan Mission,  the  longest  running  and  continuous Mission  of  the  Philippine  Province  continues to  hold a romantic  and an  idealistic  hold  on  the  Province. Since  40 years  ago (1977),  the Philippine Province  has been sending talented and zealous missionaries  to the  Land of  the  Rising Sun.  It  was  no surprise  then,  that  on  August  29,  at  6:00 pm, in  the  presence of  18  priests  over  44 seminarians and  a dozen of  lay  people, Fr. Darryl  Dino  CM    had  his mission sending at the DePaul House Chapel,  the  very  chapel where he spent four  years as theological student. Part of  the  Mission ceremony was the  giving of the Mission Cross  which Fr. Gerry  Vibar, a member of  the  Provincial council  and the Provincial Secretary, presented  to the new  missionary.

Victoriano Torres,CM, the  head  of  the Missio ad  Gentes Ministry and a  former missionary  in  Japan  presided at   the Eucharistic  celebration.  He delivered  the  homily  but it was  the  thank  you  and goodbye  talk of Fr. Dino,CM  that   naturally  inspired  those present.  He  noted  that  he was  very aware  of the difficulties and problems of being a missionary in Japan, not  the  least of which was  the study  of Japanese language and culture.  He  thanked  all  those who helped in his formation as a Vincentian  and projected  the  many dreams of his that would be fulfilled.  He had  reflected and  dreamt of “Sapporo” where  the  famous  Filipino movie (“Kita-Kita”  Alessandra di Rosssi and Empoy)was produced and also of walking and admiring  the  cherry blossom flowers.  All  the technological prowess of the Japanese  will also be very much appreciated  by  the  new missionary  who graduated BS Chemistry  from Adamson University  before entering  the  Congregation.

Best wishes and good  luck to Fr. Darryl Dino at  the start of his Mission in Japan.

Pope  Francis.  On  the occasion of the feast  of St.Augustine  on August  28, Pope Francis  quoted St.Augustine:”You  made us unto  yourself and our  heart is  restless  until it rests in you.” (Pope Francis@Pontifex)

Rolando S. DelaGoza, CM